The fall season is well underway, and it has been busy thus far.

On Saturday, October 19th, Jerusalem #49 participated in two successful, memorable events. The day started with the statewide open house. I consider this a success on multiple levels. First off, we had numerous brothers coming/going through the day, along with some wives. The fellowship is always welcomed.

In addition, we had several local couples stop by to either tour a building they had seen for years, or to learn a bit about Freemasonry to better understand, and appreciate, a departed loved one. Plus, we had three petitions submitted and another one taken, all by interesting guys.

After a short break to tux up, we convened on Harmony #67 in New Canaan for a sumptuous Indian meal at a joint table lodge. All told, there were brothers from a half dozen lodges present. There was much libation and merriment, making it truly a great experience.

With that, we’re just warming up. We have a FellowCraft degree coming up, along with the Halloween Walk, Grand Lodge session, seminars, and finally the year-end elections and installation.

I want to encourage the brothers looking to join the officer ranks or advance in the chairs to take advantage of the Grand Lodge-hosted seminars, to participate in the Master’s Path program, to visit local lodges to learn and bond, and to dedicate themselves to Masonic learning.

This year, we will be soliciting a secretary and also looking to update our committee memberships. As I often say, lodge is what we make it, and we truly need brothers in the quarry to continue to sustain and improve lodge.

Remember, we are a fraternity. A band of brothers. Reach out to one another. Support each other. And make the most our time.


Jeff Bartlett
Worshipful Master

From the East – October 2013

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