Since we last congregated, there has been much passing from this mortal coil. As our labors resume for the fall, we must pause to reflect on those from our Masonic family who will not share another season, but have moved on to that house not made with hands.

We lost parents, a spouse, and a Past Master­—RW Brother Jim Robertson—for whom we performed a Masonic funeral service. Let this be a reminder to relish your time on Earth, and serve your family and fellow man well.

The fall calendar is filling fast, driven by feedback from the Craft. Last spring, I asked the regular attendees to complete a brief survey to gauge interest in different activities and programs. The answers varied, with a balance of fellowship and deep education rising to the top.

The most popular requests (in rank order):

  • Philosophy/symbolism of the three degrees
  • Alchemy
  • Table lodge
  • Guest speakers
  • Esotericism

As you’ll see, the Trestle Board reflects an earnest effort to satisfy these desires.

The schedule is also filled with Grand Lodge sponsored events, including seminars. The Grand Lodge-led David Wooster celebration will be held on September 16th, with Masons to meet at the Worcester Cemetery in Danbury, 3 p.m. at Ellsworth Avenue.

Being fall, we also have the annual Halloween Walk , and I’d like to add participation in the Holiday Walk to further present a positive face to Masonry in Ridgefield.

Remember: Lodge is what we make of it. Your participation is earnestly solicited. See you soon, brother.


Jeff Bartlett
Worshipful Master

From the East – September 2012

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