It was a great honor to serve as your Worshipful Master for 2010. But I could not have done it without the help and support of so many of you.

My focus for the year was on fellowship and Masonic education, and I feel those pillars served us well. Our meetings this year were interesting and diverse, with extended lectures on the various degrees, discussions of esoteric underpinnings, an awards night, lodge breakfast, and many more activities.

Over the summer, we painted the lounge, ante-room, and preparation room, giving the second-floor a fresh, new “Blue” lodge appearance. This fall, we increased our visibility to the town with a Halloween candy and treat giveaway that was well-received by the community. Recently, we have decorated the porch and windows for the holidays, further showing that Masonry is alive and well in Ridgefield.

We raised four brothers in 2010: Don Leavy, Joseph Hudson, Stanislav Duda, and Ed Jamroga. We heartily welcome these fine men to the fraternity and look forward to their deepening involvement in the lodge. My father and I raised my son, Joey, in what was a very memorable degree for me. Throughout the degrees this year, we had great support from the brethren and put on stellar degrees. Jeff Bartlett and Bill Dieckler each sat in the East for degrees, and they plan to do so again this winter.

Having been re-elected, I will again sit in the East. I consider this an honor and privilege.

For 2011, I plan to have a similar focus as last year, emphasizing the pursuit for light, while increasing our public awareness, and enjoying fellowship.

I hope you can attend lodge regularly and help us make 2011 a great year for Jerusalem #49.


Steven M. Hudson, Worshipful Master

From the East – December 2010

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